At the request of the Nominating Committee and the Moderator, the Board of Trustees has called a Special meeting of the Church for Sunday, September 13, 2015 immediately following the worship service to receive the report of the Nominating Committee on nominees for election to the Pastor Search Committee, to receive nominations from the floor, and to elect from these nominees a Pastor Search Committee of ten (10) persons.

Nominees are Hilton Almond, Fred Anderson, Jean Cauble, Mark Cipolletti, Carl Collier, George Davis, Bill Gray, Norma Hays, Clint Hubbard, Kate Knerr, Katie Merritt, Eleanor Nurney, Andy McAllister, Susan Phillips, Seth Roberts, Linda Schreiner, Padgett Shoemake, Jane Terry, Laura Thorne, and John Whitty

A further notice with specific voting procedures and information on the nominees will be mailed to all members by the Nominating Committee in August.