As you are aware, in 2012, River Road Church, Baptist (RRCB) members voted on a revision and update of the Constitution and By-Laws. Among the changes, were placing term limits to service on the four major boards: the Board of Deacons, Board of Missions, Board of Administration, and Board of Christian Education and Spiritual Formation. What this means is that one’s service on any of the four boards is limited to two consecutive terms. After serving two consecutive terms on a particular Board, it is mandatory to rotate off. The reasoning behind this is to give an opportunity for new folks to assume board positions and thus build our bench strength; that is how we position RRCB for the future. The new rule just took effect, so this year is the first year that the Nominating Committee has had to incorporate this rule into our work.

The purpose of this communication is: (1) to remind everyone of the new rule in effect this year; (2) to let you know there will be some new faces on all of the Boards in 2014; and (3) to avert any hurt feelings if you are not re-nominated to serve on a particular board. If you are not re-nominated, it is probably due to the term limits rule. Just so you know we will be required to honor about 70% turnover on the terms that expire on our boards this year.

With the new ruling comes great opportunity; you may serve, and will likely be called to serve on a different board. The Nominating Committee strives to be very diligent and thoughtful about whom we nominate for each of the 135+ positions for which we are responsible. We hope you will accept our nomination to serve when we call you.

Let me close with a short vignette. During World War II, four of my maternal uncles served in the armed forces; two in the US Army, one in the US Navy and one in the US Marine Corps. As a youngster, I heard many yarns from these great fellows, my uncles. They all seemed to agree that Uncle Macon had the best assignment – he was the one in the Navy. The other uncles who served in the Infantry were envious of Macon’s billet aboard a Navy destroyer, the USS Stevens. Uncle Macon always reminded his brothers that while they waited to be drafted, he enlisted. He got what he wanted because he volunteered.

Therefore, in the spirit of John F. Kennedy, wait not until the Nominating Committee calls you; feel free to reach out and tell us where you might like to serve.

Clint Hubbard,
Nominating Committee Chair

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