Back to School! It is one of my favorite times of the year. I have enjoyed this time of year since I was a child. I love the preparation, anticipation, and opportunities that it brings.

As a child I would get so excited to find out who my teachers were and what friends were in my class. My parents would take me to the elementary school the week before school started to find my classroom. Back then we didn’t get a letter or email, we would have to school and locate the classroom. Each classroom had lists posted with the students’ names. We check each class for my name, and once finding it I would check to see who was in class. My mom would also take me back to school shopping where I got to pick out a first day outfit. We didn’t do school supply shopping until after the first day of school when the teacher gave you a list. I remember going out that night to shop for supplies at Woolco. It was always a crazy shopping experience, almost like Black Friday after Thanksgiving. People were everywhere, trying to get supplies. I thought it was fun but I don’t think my parents did. I think they were frustrated by the time we left, because it seemed like there was always something we couldn’t find. I hold onto those fond memories of first day of school experiences.

As a teacher I look forward to seeing the students that will be in my class, and the families that I will get to work with. I also enjoy decorating my classroom, figuring out how I will arrange the room and what theme I will have for the year. Part of the fun is looking up new ways to teach a concept or coming up with inventive ways to organize the day. Each year is a new start with new ideas, and students. I think that is one of the reasons I love it. There is never a dull moment. Each year, and even each day, is different depending on the children you are working with.

As a mom I find each year bittersweet. With each new year my children are growing up and becoming more independent. We go school supply shopping and check out schedules. The lists seem to be longer and more expensive, especially with college kids. I love to hear about their teachers and professors and friends in their classes. As they get older my wish for them is to have a good year, enjoy learning, and be kind to all.

Lastly, I am looking forward to this school year with excitement. It is my first school year as your children’s minister. I am looking forward to the fall activities that are planned as well as our regular programming for Wednesday evenings. Each new school year bring opportunities for learning, growing, and showing God’s love. That is what I hope this year brings to all the children, parents, educators, and members of this church.

Written by Sandy Rooney