List provided by guest presenter, Nathan Elmore, as part of a three-week series.

Recommended Reading | essays, articles, interviews

Evangelicals in America and inter-religious engagement
John W. Morehead

How would Jesus interact with a Muslim?
Interview with Bob Robinson

Interfaith dialogue and Christian mission
Chawkat Moucarry, Christianity Today

Christian-Muslim dialogue and its connections to hospitality, friendship and witness
Nathan F. Elmore, Christianity Today

Why Evangelicals Must Defend Muslims
Skye Jethani, Huffington Post

Christian responses to different expressions of Islam (ideological, militant, polemical)
John Azumah

Global urgencies in Christian-Muslim relations
Interview with Eliza Grizwold, Christianity Today

Is there a global war on Christians in the Muslim world?
John Esposito, Huffington Post

Meeting the president of Egypt, and the significance of interfaith relationships
Bob Roberts, Jr., Peace Catalyst International

A comprehensive study of mosques in the U.S. (2011)
Hartford Seminary

How the Muslim headscarf represents freedom
Ayesha Nusrat, NY Times

Bikinis, headscarves and little black dresses
Nathan F. Elmore

What is Sharia?
Sherman Jackson, Huffington Post

The role of Sharia in Muslim civic society
Mustafa Akyol

Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?
Interview with Miroslav Volf, Christianity Today

How to read the Qur’an
Interview with Carl Ernst

Recommended Reading | books, documents


Between Allah & Jesus: What Christians Can Learn from Muslims
Peter Kreeft

A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue
David Shenk and Badru Kateregga

Muslims, Christians and Jesus: Gaining Understanding and Building Relationships
Carl Medearis

Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road
Paul Gordon-Chandler

Building Bridges: Christianity and Islam
Fouad Accad

Teatime in Mogadishu
Ali Ahmed Haile

A Peace of the Bible: Following the Prince of Peace into a World of Conflict
Rick Love (president, Peace Catalyst International)


A Common Word between Us and You
A historic 2007 document written by a collection of Muslim scholars

A Christian Response to “A Common Word between Us and You”
Yale Divinity School

Grace and Truth: Toward Christ-like Relationships with Muslims
Peace Catalyst International