This summer, the RRCB Endowment purchased a new bus for the church. The bus is a completely refurbished 15-passenger 2007 model Ford diesel. Yes, there were some issues found on our first church trip up to Camp Akalana, but these have been addressed, and the bus is running well now.

This bus will replace the 1995 28-passenger bus. One advantage of the new bus is that a special CDL driver’s license is no longer required to drive this bus. If you have a regular Virginia driver’s license, and can meet a few church requirements, then YOU can drive the new church bus.

Mostly, drivers are needed for Sunday morning pickup routes. This bus route provides transportation to senior members who choose not to drive, but still wish to attend Sunday services. The Transportation Committee is recruiting new drivers for this route. If you are able to help out occasionally with this route on Sunday mornings, please contact the Church Office (804-288-1131).