Artwork by Lucy T.

Romans 16:25-27

by Martha Lou Green

There are folks who have made a living because so many of us love a good mystery. In every mystery there is a secret somewhere and we anxiously await its discovery at the end. Through the message of the prophets God hinted that there was a mystery that would someday be revealed. For hundreds of years faithful followers of God looked forward to the day that the Messiah would come. They hoped it would happen in their lifetime, and they anxiously awaited the revealing of this mystery.

The challenge for us is to capture the wonder of this revelation. After all, for us it is not a mystery – as the revelation took place before we are born. But if we put ourselves in the place of those living under the tyranny of the law, maybe we can get a glimpse of the wonder they experienced having finally discovered the long-kept secret, and understanding the mystery of salvation.

Does life sometimes seem a mystery to you? Do you have challenges and problems that need solving that seem to have no answer? At this time of Advent, let us stop and ponder this mystery that was promised by the prophets and fulfilled in the coming of Jesus, the Messiah who was promised so long ago. This Messiah not only was the revelation of a secret and the conclusion of a mystery in ages past, but he can be the same solution to each of the struggles we face today.

Prayer: Lord, reveal the secret of your salvation to me in a new way this Advent season. Amen.