In the general contracting business, often we see large checks come in the mail on a Monday only to have large checks get mailed out on Friday. Money in; money out. We make a living/stay in business by the small percentage that sticks around.

I view giving to my church in a slightly different way. I know that all of my gift is going to do the Lord’s work and to support the church community that I love. I am making a lasting investment in God and this church.

Our church is finally fully staffed and ready to do great things moving forward. Specifically, as the father of two small children, Jay and Adeline, I am very excited about the hiring of Danielle and Beth to the Preschool leadership team and the hiring of Sandy as Minister to Children. I am happy to support them in any way that I can. Also, I am glad to know that our gifts fund exciting children’s ministry programs such as Preschool Fun Mornings. The Fun Mornings are an outreach effort to bring together church families with small children and preschool families. Sandy organizes trips to local parks or hosts the Fun Morning at the church. It is great to see children and parents from the Church and from the Preschool interacting and having fun and receiving a message from Sandy. I am looking forward to this program continuing and any and all new ideas that Danielle, Beth, and Sandy propose.

Thank you so much for your gifts to River Road. I hope that you will continue your giving and consider increasing your pledge to allow our new staff to serve our children with exciting programming that teaches them about church and God’s love for them.

Written by Jack Heisler

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