The congregation of RRCB are such generous people. You give in so many ways. It has been a practice for a long time to give tangible support to the ministries of our Community Missionaries/Directors in The Baptist Centers of Richmond. There are three of them; one each in Church Hill, Oregon Hill, and in Southside. They are employees of our Richmond Baptist Association/Faith Network. They often say they could not do their work without the tangible gifts of the people of the churches. Indeed, it helps stretch their budgets to be able to do more in their ministry. Giving food to a person in need often allows the Center Director/Missionary a door to give spiritual support as well.

Bob and Diane Shoemake, as well as Betty Damon and Wyatt Heisler, have long been our “deliverers” to the Centers. Recently, in preparation for being away, Diane assembled a list of the ministries to the Centers and the routines used in making the deliveries. This called our attention again to these tangible opportunities to give to our neighbors in the greater Richmond area, and to being able to do so through channels where God’s love is also being shared.

This summer you have given School Supplies for our immigrant and refugee population in Henrico County. You regularly give non-perishable food (in the Green Carts) which goes to one of our Baptist Centers.  A collection is in progress for sewing supplies for CrossOver Circulo de Costura, which is meeting in the Community Room at the Quioccasin Road location. Another collection is in progress for back-to-school toiletries and undergarments for children of Church Hill.

A recent request came through for back-to-school shoes to be distributed from Westover Baptist Church, a partner mission. Money was quickly donated and Diane Shoemake is arranging for a mother and teenaged daughter to shop for shoes. Others are donating shoes.

Once in June and in July, women of the Connectors mission circle of our church prepared food and went to the Oregon Hill Center to feed the homeless. Additionally, as they usually do, they took donations of their members to pack take-away snack bags for the homeless.

Communications of our church keep us aware of needs and you respond so generously. Before long, Thanksgiving boxes will be filled and Christmas gifts will be given. The Board of Missions appreciates all that you do as we together seek to share God’s love.

Written by Judy Morris

Originally published in the 2017 Fall Quarterly Explorer

We are grateful for how generous River Road Church is. As we’ve entered the busy fall season, we continue to support all of our missions causes. Thank you for:

Thank you, River Road Church, Baptist!