Veterans Day will be observed on Friday, November 11, 2016.  As was done last year, Dean Decker will assist in leading a program on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, recognizing those in our church family who have served our country through military service. Over the years we have compiled a list of those in our church family who have served in the military.  Those names are listed below.  If you see anything in error or a name that is missing, either your own or somebody you know, please contact Sandi Bassett in the church office or use the form at the bottom of the page.

Alexander Harper Virginia Air National Guard
Alford Harper Air Force
Almond Hilton Army
Alvis Miller Army
Amburgey William M. deceased U. S. Air Corps
Anderson Linwood C. deceased Army
Anderson Marion E. deceased U. S. Air Corps
Andrews Wayland D. deceased Marine Corps
Bagwell Fred Army
Baird Roger P. deceased Army
Baskett Robert E. deceased Army Air Corps
Bass Aubrey S. deceased Navy
Baugham Raymond V. deceased Navy
Bingham William H. deceased Navy
Bottoms William D. deceased U. S. Air Corps
Brandt Paul deceased Navy
Bristow “Buddy” deceased Army Air Corps
Bristow, Jr. Francis deceased Army Air Corps
Brown Jim Marine Corps
Cash Allan (Ted) deceased USN & USA
Cash Linda Army
Chandler Wallace Army
Congdon John “Jack”  deceased Army
Cunningham, Jr. Ellis B. Navy
Damon Gene Air Force
Davis Loyal H. deceased Navy
Decker Dean
DeHart John J. deceased Army
Deyerle William M. deceased Army
Donohue James H. deceased Army Air Corps
Edwards Douglas T. Army
Edwards John L. deceased Army
Evans Thomas R. Navy
Farley James C. deceased Army
Farmer Donald E. deceased Navy
Farmer Donald Navy Reserve
Ferneyhough Martha S. deceased WAC
Figg Mahlon T. deceased Navy
Fore, Jr. Harry W. deceased Army Air Corps
Fowler Franklin Army
Franck Thomas Navy
Garrett Karl F. deceased Army
Gary Robert A. deceased Army
Gauldin Clyde N. deceased Army Air Corps
Geissler Frederick deceased Army
Gibson Harold D. Army
Goode Aylett W. Navy
Gottwald Floyd D. Army
Gronholz LeRoy F. deceased Naval Reserve
Hall Thomas O. deceased Navy
Harding George S. deceased Navy
Harper Cecil C. deceased Navy
Harper James R. (Bob) Army
Hartz Ransone Army Reserve
Harvie, III John S. Army
Haydon, Jr. A. E. deceased Naval Reserve
Heisler John deceased Army Corps of Engineers
Heisler, IV John Navy
Henderson W. C. deceased Army
Hite Oscar deceased Army
Hooker Raymond C. deceased Navy
Howe, Jr. M. Norton Army
Humbert Richard E. deceased Naval Reserve
Jones, Jr. James D. deceased Army
Jones, Jr. Willis O. deceased American Red Cross
Kalbaugh Gary deceased Army Reserve
Kennedy Rozelle deceased Army Air Corps
Keppel William M. deceased Army Air Corps
Keyser Hugh L. deceased Navy
King Robert G. Army Medical Corps
Kinsey Ralph deceased Army
Kirkup Thomas J.
Ladd James G.
Langhorne Henry deceased Army Chaplain
Leake John S. (Scott) Army
Leake, II John S. National Guard
Lesher David Ryan deceased Army
Lessels Stephen H. Air Force
Livick Brock Army
Lowery Stephen Navy
Mansur Richard deceased Army Medical Corps
Martin Harold W. deceased Navy
Martin Thomas L. deceased Navy
McAllister Andrew S. Marine Corp
McCabe Allen G. deceased Army Air Corps
McClellan Hearst deceased Army Air Corps
McCord Cretola S. deceased Navy Waves
McDanel Robert L. deceased Navy
McGuire, III John J. Navy
McLaughlin John H. deceased Army
McNeal Leonard D. deceased Army 82nd Airborne Div.
Mustian C. Thomas deceased Army Reserve
Mustian Wilson T. Army National Guard
Oakes Robert O. Navy & VA National Guard
Oglesby F. Elliott deceased Army Medical Corps
Ownby Leo L. deceased Army
Pace Douglas Army
Parker Marshall Army 82nd Airborn Div.
Parrish Thomas E. deceased Army Air Corps
Pearson John E. Army Air Corp
Pate Donald Navy
Pendleton G. Franklin deceased Army
Perkins David G. deceased Army Air Corps
Perkins Harry H. deceased Army Air Corps
Phillips Malcolm E. Army
Ralston Edward E. deceased Army
Richardson Frances M. deceased American Red Cross
Richardson Vernon B. deceased Navy
Robertson John S. Army Corps of Engineers
Schaffer Richard Air Force
Schowalter Peter J. Army National Guard
Schumann Louis A. deceased Navy
Seaton Stuart M. Army
Seaton, Jr. Stuart M. Army
Sexton Tim Army Reserve
Showalter Merle R. Navy
Stanton William H. (Bill) Navy Supply Corps
Starke Thomas E. Navy
Stewart Olen C. Navy
Stewart Olen C. Navy
Taylor McKinney V. Army
Thomson Gordon Navy/Air Force
Thornton Virginia S. Army Nurse Corps
Thornton William F. deceased Army
Thurston Gordon W. deceased Army Air Corps
Tipton N. R. deceased Army Air Corps
Tolbert J. D. deceased
Tuggle Thomas W. deceased Navy
Waller Swanson deceased Army
Way Oliver L. Army
West J. Kemp Army
Wilkey H. Dean Air Force
Willis Benjamin Army
Williams Boyd deceased Army
Williams Charles D. deceased Army
Williams, Sr. Stuart L. deceased Army
Wilson James J. Army
Wolford Byron deceased Marine Corps
Wood Richard Air Force
Zimmerman Jarrett Army

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