Maundy Thursday At-Home Service
Worship Around Your Table
Thursday, April 1, 2021

On the Thursday of Holy Week, the Lord had a meal with his disciples. It was in this time over the table that Jesus shared meaningful experiences with his beloved friends. From these stories shared in scripture, we take this day to focus on his last meal, the sharing of bread and cup and the washing of feet, the prayers offered in the garden, and the disciples who are at first up close and then at a distance.

Being at our own tables, with loved ones, if possible, is a most appropriate way to remember Jesus’ last night and the events that transpired. You can share bread and cup and read scripture, prayerfully thinking on each piece of the story. This year provides an opportunity for us to allow this time to be personal and intimate time with God and those at our tables. In fact, if there are others who are “fellow vaccinated” or “in-your-quarantine-bubble” friends or family, this would be an excellent meal to share together.

Click Here to Download or Print the Order of Worship

The order of worship is the full script; it offers prayers, scripture readings, and instructions for taking bread and drink in remembrance of Christ. It will be best if you have a few minutes to read through it prior to your evening meal and service.

Music Meditation for Your Service:



It is our hope that you will find this meaningful as you move through Holy Week.

Blessings on your services.

If you would like to bake your own bread, here are two recipes.