Like all teenagers of my day, I learned the latest songs from listening to the radio.  The best time to listen was after sunset when stations from New York and Nashville would boost their power.  Using an antenna, one could pick them up loud and clear.  Just like parents of today’s generation, some music was not pleasing to my parents.  I can still hear my mother saying that if she heard Tennessee Ernie Ford sing “Sixteen Tons” one more time she was going to throw the radio out the window.  I believe I lived in the greatest period of pop, country, contemporary, and rock and roll music.  I surprise myself when I hear such a song on an “Oldies Station” and find I know the words.

Today’s youth download their music onto their cell phones or iPad.  They plug in their earphones and listen to their music all of the time.  The only difference is you see their lips moving as they sing the song to themselves.  In my day, we sang out loud as we listened to the car radio.  Some music I understand – some (rap) I do not.  I do believe music can enhance a young person’s life.  This is especially true if they learn to play an instrument or sing in a choir.  To that end, the youth have added a music component to the Sunday evening program.

I am not sure they want to be called a “Band.”  We do have drums and members bring their instruments – trumpets, trombones, and tuba, etc.  Dr. Seth Roberts has kindly loaned us a keyboard, guitars, and an amp.  A gift from the Endowment Board will allow us to purchase a soundboard, portable microphone system, and hand instruments.  We are happy being in the basement of the Fellowship Hall, behind closed doors, on Sunday evening.  Our youth learn contemporary Christian songs when they attend summer camps.  There has never been a way for them to continue singing those songs during the fall and winter.  Now they can play and sing those songs and more every week.  Perhaps, one Wednesday evening they will play for family night supper.  They may even come up with a name.  In any event, this has already become an important part of Sunday evening.

More later….