Psalm 90

by Taylor P.
Psalm 90

I love a chorus from Psalm 90, “Under His Wings.” Looking at Psalm 90 though, I realize how we need to look at it even more with reference to our lives. God is everlasting, “even before the hills were created.” We must look at His time, for a thousand years can be as a day in His sight. We must search out the wisdom and understanding of our God as we live in His will today.

Moses states in Psalm 90 that God has been our dwelling place for all generations. Our sin and circumstances have caused our pain and sadness. We spend our years as a tale told, signifying nothing. We must accept reality, not living in the past, nor using “rose colored glasses’ to look at our future, but by accepting in whatever state we are to search out God’s will in the present.

Our present must be in the divine perspective. We must ask for mercy and ask God to help us live in wisdom and understanding in this life today as it is in the light of who He is. In this Advent season, especially, we must “number our days and let others see the beauty of our Lord upon us, yea the work of out hands.”

Joyce Parker