John 12: 23-36

In The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, Randy gives a great example of living for something more than himself. He bought his first new car and was really excited about it. He drove over to his sister’s house to take his niece and nephew for a ride. His sister, as most parents might, warned her children not to make any mess in Uncle Randy’s new car. With that, Randy opened a can of soda and poured it all over the back seat of his brand new car. He said he didn’t want the kids’ time with him to be spoiled by worrying about messing up the car. No matter how excited he was about having a new car, Randy knew that his relationship with his niece and nephew and the time they could spend together was way more important than keeping a clean car. If you know this story then you know that Randy Pausch died from pancreatic cancer. Yet, even before he knew he was sick, he lived like he was dying.

Jesus knew his time on earth was limited. From day one, his life was threatened and was full of hardships most of us can never imagine. Despite the adversity he faced, Jesus remained focused on something much greater than himself – the knowledge that his life here was intended to make a difference beyond his physical death. He knew that like the grain of wheat, his earthly life would transform into something much more sustaining. He didn’t live seeking glory or recognition. He used every moment he had to show the love of God to others. He lived like he was dying.

Prayer: Dear God, please allow me to learn from your example in Christ. Help me to look away from myself and more toward you and others. Help me use every moment in my life to show your love to those around me. Amen.

Eleanor Nurney