This letter was mailed out on Friday, October 17, 2014.

Dear Friends,

Last Saturday I enjoyed three hours of church talk with the chairs of River Road Church’s four major boards.  Four times a year, over breakfast, we talk about the events, plans, challenges and hopes each board chair has for his or her board, and for our church as a whole.  It keeps us from tunnel vision and narrow thinking.

You would get excited, as I do, if you sat in on this conversation and caught an overview of the ways our church members are engaged in worship and ministry at 8000 River Road and beyond.  We are doing more for God’s Kingdom accidentally than many churches are doing on purpose.

Earlier this year our congregation showed its heart for this church and its future by your swift and generous support for the Rejoice and Give Thanks campaign to secure funds for the renovation of our sanctuary organ, lighting and sound system.  You pledged over $2 million toward these projects, and to date you have given over $650,000 of that.

Because of this, our Stewardship Committee agreed that this was the year to have a low-key emphasis on financial commitments for the 2015 budget.  They described our theme this year as “Live Faithfully, Give Generously, Make a Difference.”  If we do the first two, the third will take care of itself.

Sunday, October 26 is Commitment Sunday.  Plan to be present for worship and bring your completed pledge card.  During worship you will be given an opportunity to submit your pledge for the support of our church and its ministries next year.


Michael J. Clingenpeel, Pastor