Do you remember the children’s toy the kaleidoscope? It plays a metaphorical role in the Life Class, our Sunday School class. Each Sunday we strive to give “it” a twist to see something anew in the scriptures.

Why do men and women near or in retirement still come on Sunday mornings to Sunday School? Haven’t we seen it all? Nope. While the words in the biblical text stay the same, our understanding of and appreciation for them grows. Just like the pebbles in the kaleidoscope, those words bring new color and beauty with each twist.

So, too, is our church. Each look at the calendar of activities, the Explorer, or the Connections brings a new vista. There are always fresh opportunities to grow, learn, and serve. When we twist our RRCB kaleidoscope, we see a new delicious Wednesday dinner, a new Sunday School classroom of third graders, a new sermon to be heard, a new grocery cart waiting on us to fill.

Likewise, whenever we have twisted our stewardship kaleidoscope, we have always seen something new… and beautiful. In the words of Chubby Checker, whether you remember him or not, “let’s twist again.”

Written by Scott & Jane Leake


Growing in Commitment, Rooted in Faith