In my time that I’ve spent walking alongside teenagers, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing several different musicals performed by teenagers – Jesus Christ Superstar, Godspell, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Children of Eden. I have to admit – it has moved me to tears every time. To see the hours and hours of practice they put into it and then be successful, it was overwhelming. What was most overwhelming was that they were able to convey the good news – what a ministry it was.

I still listen to songs from those musicals. Children of Eden is one of my favorites. I still recall my important role in the production – at the beginning of this song, God sings, “Let there be”, and then a pause, and then the chorus says “lights”. I was the light guy, and I turned it on at the exact correct time. I was nominated for a prestigious award that year. Alas, I lost.

The musical tells the story of God, Adam, Eve, and early creation in Act I. Act II tells the story of Noah, his family, and the flood.

“Let There Be” is a song about God’s creation –

Whales! Snails! Sharks! Larks!
Apple trees with dappled barks!
And granite mountains and flaxen plains
Giant lizards with tiny brains
Fluorescent fish and crescent worms
And a million bugs and trillion germs

How spectacular God’s creation is, and maybe even more wonderful, God asks us to be a part of creating (then and now). God asks Adam to name the animals (Genesis 2.19). God also asks Adam to till the ground (Genesis 2.5). Another translation of the Hebrew word “till” is “to serve”. God asks us to serve the earth. What does that mean for how we live out our lives of faith – as a part of the many communities of which we’re a part (Richmond, River Road, our neighborhood, Virginia, United States, the world)?

For several months, the Care for Creation team has been responsible for collecting recycling at River Road Church. I’ve been so excited to see the amount of items that used to be thrown in the trash that are now being recycled. We are interested in talking about ways that our community of faith can continue to serve God’s wonderful and beautiful creation. We’re dreaming big – solar panels, a community garden on our campus, and getting rid of all disposable products, to name a few. We’re just dreaming right now and are excited about the future possibilities.

These lyrics from the song “Let There Be” speak to our hope for the near future:

(God)I woke up from a wonderful dream
Woke, full of energy and hunger
And now this hunger will be stilled
And my emptiness be filled
As I set about to build
My dream.
Let there be…

God is still calling us to be a part of the creating process (e.g. we continue to have the ability to bring life to this hurting world).

Let there be! May we be found faithful!