A year ago this week our lives turned upside down. We took a call from Daniel Glaze asking us to come to Richmond the last week of October in view of a call to RRCB. We took some deep breaths, said some prayers, and told our employers, families, a few close friends, and hardest of all, our daughter Mollie. Our lives quickly became filled with prayer requests:

  • That our house would sell quickly.
  • That we would feel a deep sense of peace when we visited RRCB.
  • That Mollie would feel welcome and make friends.
  • That our community would be supportive.

As I walked through these days that were both filled with excitement and grief, I saw Jet Trails in the sky constantly. You see, 5 years ago this month my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and as a family, we lived through a challenging year. But my mother, who was passing on advice from her mother, would always say, look for the Jet Trails. They are a sign of good luck and that God says everything was going to be alright. I saw them everywhere as my mom went through surgeries and chemo.

Fast forward 4 years, and Daniel and I faced a world we were choosing to turn upside down, and a long list of prayer requests. I would try to take my lunch break to walk outside, and I would notice the Jet Trails. Each time it felt like God was giving me a shoulder squeeze, “It’s alright Marnie, I’m holding you through this.”

A year later I can look back and see so clearly the hand of God at work in our lives:

  • Our house sold in 5 days (and we have a new one under contract here in RVA).
  • RRCB feels like home.
  • Mollie is thriving with school and new friends.
  • Our community continues to be light to us.

I tell the youth all the time; we are not alone, God is walking with us. For a year of  twists and turns, I am grateful. And with each Jet Trail, I give deep thanks and know that God is with me.

Written by Marnie Fisher-Ingram