August 19, 2018 (Sunday Morning) | Tracy Hartman

Dr. Hartman began her work as Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond (BTSR) on June 1, 2017. Hartman was a member of the first class of M. Div. students at BTSR and won the Miller Award for Academic Achievement upon her graduation in 1995. Her graduate work at Union included ground-breaking research into the relationship between parish setting and preaching style for women pastors.

Dr. Hartman teaches courses in preaching and practical theology, and previously served as director of the seminary’s Supervised Ministry and Doctor of Ministry programs. She is the author of Letting the Other Speak: Proclaiming the Stories of Biblical Women and co-author of New Proclamation Commentary. She also contributed to the Feasting on the Word and Feasting on the Gospels commentary series.

Dr. Hartman served as preacher and preaching instructor for the First Annual Pastor’s Conference  and as preacher and lecturer for the First Annual Lay Women’s Conference at Baptist Theological Seminary at Zimbabwe. She was recently elected president of the Association of Theological Field Educators at their 2017 Biennium Consultation in St. Paul, MN. ATFE, an affiliate of ATS, connects and bridges theory and practice, academy and church, and local and global contexts. She is active in Baptist life and has served as staff member and interim pastor to several Virginia churches. She enjoys preaching throughout the region.