Fog glistens its presence in
Borrowed moonlight, peeking
Around drifting clouds. We
See the fog in a flash. Then it’s
Gone. Invisible Forces often
Hijack costumes, like light and
Water particles, to make an
Appearance. A free Uber ride
For the moment.

Perhaps the most welcomed
Invisible Force is love, that hidden
Energy that melts hearts and pulls
Empathies of support, friendship and
Care into sharper focus.

An invisible cousin of love is the human
Spirit, another powerful disguised force,
Life’s urge-engine, like passion, which
Serves as the mother of imagination.
We see the human spirit shadowed in all
Inventions since human’s beginning, as
First being imagined or dreamed. Then
Realized, sometimes magically.

The Spirit of God, as the most powerful
Invisible force humanity knows, is so
Abundant, so Widespread, and so Radiant
With Love, it wears a trinity of three
Spirited attires from Creation’s Closet; the
Spirit of God the Father; the Spirit of
Jesus, God the Son; and our friend, the
Holy Spirit, sent by Jesus.

Our human spirit’s instinct is to listen for
God-forces. Be aware and join with
Others in awe, love, hope and mystery.
These may carry our own Spirited calls for
Stewardship, another invisible force that
Can only be seen by the effects offered on
Purpose, for others in need.

Those in need may be the person two
Rows in front of you in the Sanctuary,
Or the brother of a neighbor, or the inner-
City teenager who wants to return to Camp
Alkulana, to be close to God again.

When human spirits bounce love back
To God’s Spirit, through Stewardship,
Giving becomes the golden rings of
Unity, circular symbols of sharing
Among God’s children, which repeats
Over and over, like a Sunrise of light
And loveliness, shinning into others’
Darkness and scarcity.

Lifting others through our pooled
Generosity and the tug of God’s
Love, co-creates another invisible
Force. Gratitude. Yours. Others.
God’s. Sensed it before? Holding
Out its hand in fog’s Flashing light?

Written by C. Page Highfill

Painting by C. Page Highfill “Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John”

Growing in Commitment, Rooted in Faith