Weekend of Wonder
February 25-27, 2022

You’ve been reading about our Weekend of Wonder that will take place in late February 2022. On that weekend, we will focus on moving through our lives in ways that are attentive to God’s creative presence, work, and movement in our world: to live wonder-filled lives.

As we make our way to this main event, there will be smaller events and opportunities made available to you that contribute to the theme and content of the main event. For instance, February is not necessarily ideal for a nature walk, yet that is an amazing activity that can fill us with wonder. In the fall there will be a few hiking/walking opportunities planned. When you see these in our publications, they will have a small icon of the logo accompanying the information, indicating that this event can prepare us for and kickstart our thinking for the Weekend of Wonder.

Please take advantage of the WOW events that lead us up to an exciting opportunity together.