Weekend of Wonder
February 25-27, 2022

Wonder Through Poetry

Richard L. Rose writes and composes music in Richmond, VA, where he resides with his wife, Kathleen. After his career in science and in teaching science, his written and musical compositions have appeared in Artemis, Tracks: The Piedmont Journal of Poetry & Fiction, Lingering in the Margins, as well as in publications by the Virginia Writers Club and Poetry Society of Virginia.

Richard is one of several excellent workshop leaders who will guide us on Saturday afternoon. Participants will have the opportunity to select two sessions out of seven selections. These will focus on a wide variety of topics and experiences because we know that each person experiences awe, joy, and wonder in different ways. The areas of focus are: science, photography, art, music, sports, movement and meditation, and poetry.

“Knowledge does not allow you to understand the world. Knowledge dispels the illusion that you understand the world.”
― Nate Staniforth