Weekend of Wonder
February 25-27, 2022

When Craig Martin yells, “stop the van!” his The Good Road co-host, Earl Bridges, gets worried. It usually means Craig wants to get out and film something potentially bizarre happening by the side of the road. Craig is almost always unfazed in dangerous environments because he has spent the past 30 years filming in war zones, disaster zones and remote villages in more than 85 countries.

Craig Martin is an experienced visual storyteller, film-maker and writer with more than 30 years of experience. As a video/film producer, director, writer, and editor, Craig has produced hundreds of projects both long and short form. With an MA in Communications from Baylor University, Craig has explored a variety of formats including dramatic and journalistic storytelling with a focus on documentary. In addition to his film accomplishments, Craig has contributed multiple articles for national publications. He produced the feature length docudrama The Insanity of God distributed internationally by Word Films and screened in more than 500 theaters through Fathom Events. This film had a national theatrical release with a viewership of 88,000 and sold $1.2M in tickets. He is Executive Producer on Free Burma Rangers, a Fathom/LifeWay documentary that screened in theaters nationally in February 2020. Phil Cooke, a nationally renowned filmmaker, writer and founder of Cooke Media Group in Burbank, CA, says “Craig has been in demand internationally as a media producer and executive, and as a result is particularly experienced working in diverse cultures, leading highly skilled teams, and dealing in high stress situations.”

Currently, Craig is the co-host and producer of a Daytime Emmy nominated TV docu-series called The Good Road. This series explores the world of philanthropy and Season Two aired through American Public Television and World Channel in Fall of 2021. Craig has also produced a podcast called Philanthropology and written a book, Confessions of a Philanthropologist.

Craig lives with his wife and twin 18-year-olds in Richmond, Virginia.

“Magic is the experience of waking up and seeing things the way you saw them before they became ordinary.
― Nate Staniforth