They probably hadn’t heard his voice, until just then. They hadn’t seen his face either, until that night. They, like us, were often out of touch. How can you follow what you do not understand? How can you believe in what you cannot see? How can you relate to what you cannot touch?

We all look for the tangible. We seek the seeable. We watch for the perceptible. We believe, like Thomas, only if we can touch. So how can we respond to the invisible, relate to the untouchable, follow the intangible?

I guess you knew I’m hard to please, dear Yahweh. Show me your face. Speak up. Prove that you exist. Do something spectacular. Wow me. I want a sign. Something big. I’m waiting. Running out of time.

I guess what I want doesn’t really matter, does it? (Am I just talking to myself?) Is there something I’ve missed? You may need to spell it out. Again.

What’s that? Something that looks like me? Hoping I’d recognize—and know? So—does it look like me—or more like you…? A baby? What a tiny help…! And, where, you said? In a forgotten place? What kind of help is that?

Oh…. It’s not just a little help. It’s You. I think—I see. And I can also touch.

How odd. How strange. How awe-full. What am I to do? I think I’ll stand amazed. Then follow—what I cannot see.