Originally e-mailed to the congregation on Friday, April 8, 2016.


In September 2015, you entrusted us with the critical task of finding the next Pastor for River Road Church. With your help, we have completed the first major step in this process to develop two important documents — a Congregational Profile and a Pastor Profile. These documents have been carefully crafted to help communicate to prospective pastoral candidates (1) who we are as a church and (2) what we are looking for in our next leader. While these pieces are thorough and were created with much love and discernment, they are still just one step to get us to the next phase in our search.

To share these profiles prominently, a new “Pastor Search” page has been introduced on the church website. The new page is featured in the home page navigation, but for your convenience, a quick link is provided here. We encourage you to visit the new page for links to the two profile documents and urge you to read each thoroughly. After all, your thoughtful messages, participation in congregational conversations, and constant prayers and support helped create them. We also recommend that you revisit the page along the way for both updates on our progress and contact options for sharing your advice and feedback with us.

We hope that you are feeling optimistic and excited about the future of River Road Church. We also understand that you may have some concerns and uncertainties. While many parts of this process must remain confidential out of respect to prospective candidates, their families, and their current church communities, please know that we want to hear from you and will answer whatever questions we can to help you feel at peace with this process. We are deeply grateful for your continued support, wisdom, and prayers.

Please continue to send any questions or feedback for the Pastor Search Committee to pastorsearch@rrcb.org, and watch our church publications and the Pastor Search page on our website for news in the weeks and months ahead.

In faith and peace,

Your Pastor Search Committee

Hilton Almond, Chair
Fred Anderson, Secretary
Bill Gray
Andy McAllister
Susan Phillips
Norma Hays, alternate
George Davis, Vice Chair
Padgett Shoemake, Assistant Secretary
Clint Hubbard
Eleanor Nurney
Seth Roberts
Jane Terry, alternate

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”
(Hebrews 11:1).