photo by Drew Collier

There is an immediate need to help the community Lumberton, NC where our congregation has familial ties to the town and to First Baptist Church Lumberton. At the end of this week, we are taking the missions truck filled with the suggested, basic needs for the community.

Having drinking water is going to be crucial for Lumberton. Their current treatment plant is under four feet of water and will undoubtedly need repairs. We ask that you purchase cases of bottled water.

photo by Drew Collier

photo by Drew Collier

In addition to water, Lumberton is going to need supplies for day-to-day living. For the most part, the community has clothing under control. Please see the list of supplies that you can purchase below:

  • Underwear – brand new, unopened; all ages, sizes, and genders
  • Socks – brand new, unopened; all ages, sizes, and genders
  • Oversized clothing; XXL and bigger – men and women
  • Bras and sports bras – brand new, unopened
  • Towels
  • Soap – brand new, unopened
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste – brand new, unopened
  • Shampoo – brand new, unopened
  • Feminine hygiene products – brand new, unopened
  • Baby diapers – brand new, unopened; all sizes
  • Formula – brand new, unopened
  • Pacifiers – brand new, unopened
  • Wipes – brand new, unopened
  • Additional baby supplies

At this point, we are not collecting any financial contributions. We will continue additional efforts for Hurricane Matthew relief in the coming weeks, where we will likely take contributions to partner with the BGAV disaster relief.

Please bring all donations to the missions bins in the Lower Commons by Wednesday, October 19. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Collier (sarahlcollier@gmail.com or 804-513-0411).