At the risk of stating the obvious, we at RRCB are blessed with a tremendous Children’s Music Ministry! Last night, our children presented their Spring program for our church—borne out of lots of hard work, hours in rehearsal, and the love of patient leaders.

Our Cherub and Carol Choirs sang for us several spirituals (Wade in the Water is one of my favorites!), a genre of sacred music that they’ve been studying this year. A highlight for me was hearing the church sing the verses to He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands that the children wrote themselves.

Next, our Crusader Choir sang, danced, and acted the parables of Jesus by presenting the musical Once Upon a Parable. I never cease to be amazed at the talent and passion of our young people in sharing their faith through song. A special thank you goes to Suzanne Spicer for her able leadership in directing this year’s musical.

Just as Jesus told parables as a way to bring his teachings about the Kingdom of God close to his hearers, our children did the same in their singing about and telling these Gospel stories. Sprinkled with humor, we heard stories like The Prodigal Son and The Good Samaritan in a new light. Children, we thank you.

As I reflected upon the children’s musical leadership, I realized once again that over and over God uses children to show us how to live and love. I was reminded of what the 16th Century church reformer Martin Luther said: “God became a child in Christ. He showed us his heart, so that our hearts might be won.”

Children help us to put things into perspective. They tell us the truth—about God and ourselves. If we would have the grace and humility to listen to them, they just might point us to our salvation.

Do you remember the story where Jesus was walking along with his disciples and they started arguing about who was the greatest? Jesus replied, “you want to know who is the greatest?” He placed a little child before them and said, “there’s your answer.”

May we become more like them.

Written by Daniel Glaze