A Ministry of Care by Dr. Daniel G. Bagby

Pastoral Care Guidance for Deacons, Stephen Ministers, and the Congregation of River Road Church, Baptist

How to Find Sabbath in the Midst of Stress

  1. Light a candle, read Scripture.
  2. Dinner table self-awareness & sharing: In what ways do you need hope, peace, joy, and love? Share with family, a friend .
  3. Monitor your commitments and schedules (we include too much).
  4. Make conscious choices and intentional choices about travel/family.
  5. Combine reflection with exercise (gently) three times a week: What are my choicest memories of the season? What do I want “birthed” in my life? In what ways can I show the “Gift of Presence” to someone else?
  6. Surround yourself with support; choose safe people/limit time with naysayers: Who raises your stress level—and who reduces it?
  7. Schedule two sacred musical events into your season, and at least two worship events. Listen to your self-talk: Shed preoccupations while listening.
  8. Connect with three persons a day: Invest in relationships by blessing them with a phone call, an e-mail, or a written note; don’t isolate yourself.
  9. Choose compassion: Contempt and kindness are hard to hold together.
  10. Take a nap on Saturday or Sunday: it’s sacred care of the soul.

When stressed, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is this a small, medium, or a large annoyance?
  2. How upset do I want to get, and for how long?