April 2, 2020

Good afternoon, River Road Church family.

I have missed you so much. In the midst of this absence, I have been so blessed and encouraged by your many phone calls, notes, Facebook messages, emails, and all the other ways we’ve tried to stay connected to one another. In fact, in my first video message to the congregation announcing our online-only gathering, I asked you to think of ways, even though we couldn’t be present with one another, to still be present with one another. And you have done that beautifully. What’s more, your church staff is working so hard to keep you informed, involved, and connected with God and one another during this time. It makes us glad to know that these things are meaningful for you.

Let’s talk about next week—Holy Week. This is a very worshipful time in the life of the church as we together we remember how Jesus showed us in no uncertain terms just how much he loves us. And even as he went to the cross, though we tried to pull away, he never pulled away from us.

In a normal year, we’d gather in our sanctuary for Holy Week services…and through prayer, worship, and meditation, we would take this journey with Jesus to the cross. We are still going to do that. How will we do that when we’re not able to gather in person this year? Well, your church staff will bring Holy Week worship, prayer and reflection to you.

So every morning of Holy Week, beginning with Monday morning, we will bring you a brief guided reflection, scripture, and prayer as a way to start your day, or whenever is best for you. It is our hope that, even under these circumstances, we will remember and give thanks for the great sacrifice of love that makes this week so holy. I do hope you’ll participate with us.

Church, I love you and I’m praying for you.



Palm strips are available! If you are able to safely stop by the church, palm strips are available for pick up at the porte-cochere/preschool entrance. Please remember to practice social distancing if others are there at the same time and wash your hands with soap and water when you get home.

Our friend Erin Collier of First Baptist Church of Lumberton, NC has created a helpful how-to video to fold your palm strip into a cross. You can watch her video here or follow written instructions here.

Unable to pick up a palm strip? Here is a DIY option if you have a printer at home.