Hands & Hearts: A Family Mission Experience
Family Mission Trip
Nickelsville, VA June 20-25, 2016

The inaugural trip this year takes 14 excited members to the southwest part of Virginia, a 5 1/2 hour drive from Church. We will live together in a dorm-like setting, volunteer in a food pantry, assist in a nursing home, and help local people in need with minor renovations to their homes. Everyone on our journey will find the experience of helping those much less fortunate, in a coal mining area of Virginia, to be a memorable endeavor. To increase our bonds with each other, we will venture one day to Natural Tunnel State Park for a picnic and day of fun.

Pray for the members of the team, for those leading the trip, for safe travel, and for those in Scott County who will benefit from our volunteer efforts.

RRCB Mission Team:

Hands and Hearts LogoPatrick Barbier
Kristina Barbier
Patrick Barbier
Ella Grace Barbier
Madeleine Barbier
Nicole Barbier
Austin Clark
Adam Clark
Andrew Clark
Craig Martin
Isabel Martin
Bill Rusher
Bob Shoemake
Diane Shoemake