With the end of summer and beginning of fall, comes the time in our church calendar when we begin to put our plans into action and look to what the future holds for River Road Church, Baptist. We have asked a number of our fellow church members to share why they commit themselves to the activities and financial needs of our church. This series over the coming weeks will be their testimonies of growing commitment to River Road Church and His work being done here.

As you enjoy the various experiences and personal sharings, we encourage you to identify where you are in your faith journey. Our challenge to you this year is to find the roots of your faith and how you can look to grow in your commitment to financially supporting River Road Church. All of these stories are only made possible by the pledges to provide funding for the operations of our church community. Whether you will be committing for the first time or the 50th time, we greatly appreciate your generosity.

We thank each of the authors for their willingness to share their personal thoughts and feelings of their faith so that we can be challenged to grow in our faith and commitment.

Your Stewardship Committee
(George Davis, Martha Day Dumas, Daniel Glaze, Bill Gray, Neil Groseclose, Page Highfill, Steve Lessels, Cam McGuire, Charlie Sorrell, Russell Sumner, Craig Stuhlman)

Growing in Commitment, Rooted in Faith