April 15, 2021 & April 22, 2021 (Special Programs)

April 15: Dr. Paul Richardson

Dr. Paul Richardson, noted hymnnologist and retired music faculty of Samford University, will discuss hymns of Easter and the Easter season.

Dr. Paul Richardson served as Professor and Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies in the School of Music of Samford University in Birmingham, AL, where he taught voice and church music. A past-president of The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada, he served on the editorial committee for THE WORSHIPING CHURCH and wrote for its Worship Leader’s Edition. He also contributed to Handbook to THE BAPTIST HYMNAL and THE NEW CENTURY HYMNAL Companion. Together with Harry Eskew and David Music, he is joint author of SINGING BAPTISTS: Studies in Baptist Hymnody in America.

April 22: Dr. Michael Hawn

Four Views of the Cross: A Gallery of Sight and Sound

  • View 1: Christus Victor—Christ Tramples the Cross
    • Hymn: *The Day of Resurrection, John of Damascus (8th Cent.), tr. John Mason Neale (1862): G2G 233
  • View 2: Christus Portantes—Christ Carrying the Cross
    • Hymn: *Take Up Your Cross, the Savior Said, Charles Everest (1833): G2G 718
  • View 3: Crucifixus—Christ Crucified on the Cross
    • Hymns:
      • *When I Survey the Wondrous Cross, Isaac Watts (1707): G2G 223/224
      • *Rejected and Despised by Men, Mary Louise Bringle (2000): G2G 222
      • O God, You Hang Upon the Cross, Shirley Erena Murray (2008)
      • Mary, Woman Weeping, Delores Dufner (2019)
  • View 4: Cruci Vacans—the Empty Cross
    • Hymns:
      • *Christ Is Alive, Brian Wren (1968/1993): G2G 246
      • Camina Pueblo de Dios/Go Forth, O People of God, Cesáreo Gabaráin (1979), tr. George Lockwood (1989).