John 1:14

“And so that we’d behold it, the Virgin Mother kind, To show God’s love aright, she bore to us a Savior when half-spent was the night.”
~ Lo! How a Rose E’er Blooming

by Laura Jane S.

by Laura Jane S.

God lives! The triumph and truth of Easter is also the triumph and truth of Christmas. At Easter, we celebrate that Christ rose from the dead. Today, and at each Christmas, we celebrate that before Christ died, Christ lived. Many, many years ago, in a filthy and forgotten place, Christ came to life and He came to our lives. Scriptures says he “made his dwelling among us.” Does that feel true for you in your daily life?

I’ll admit it: most days the Word is just a word to me. But on the days when I am filled with gratitude and joy, I recognize Christ manifest in my life. His “grace and truth” are extended to me through the forgiveness of others when I make mistakes, through the redemptive power of prayer, and, when I am at my best, through my attempts to love others in a Christ-like way. When we love one another, we are Christ in the flesh, his body alive and active in the world. That is the Good News! Praise God.

Prayer: God, this Christmas and every day, make your dwelling in me so that I recognize your presence in the world and manifest your presence to others. Amen.

Bailey Thomson