Romans 6:1-11

In a world where the number of available health plans has increased in complexity, cost, and quality, here’s a plan that is simple, affordable, effective, and with all the coverage one could ever need:

Romans 6:9, 11 – “…death no longer has dominion over [Christ]. …the life He lives [He lives in]…God forever. So you also must consider yourselves…alive to God in Christ Jesus.”

The Christian life that we are given by God is God’s life. It is the same life that God gives Jesus. It is eternal life.

Oswald Chambers made this powerfully distinct: “It is not a gift from God; it is the gift of God.” That which indwells Christ, the Holy Spirit (God’s very life) indwells each of us. Our only task as Christians is for us to submit to that truth (that is, believe it is so) and then to risk letting God live out His life for our soul’s health, fulfillment, joy, and wonder.

As we allow that, the world will then have that which it has ever longed-for: not just a health plan, but a cure for all its ails and illnesses. And, to our everlasting excitement and encouragement, we will see Jesus bear witness in our souls in a thrilling and undeniable way. Then we and the world shall be truly whole and fulfilled, having been healed by the one, true, and truly comprehensive health plan.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, you who are the giver of all things, help us to read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest not these truths, for they are worth nothing. Rather, help us inwardly digest and outwardly live your life in us for you are the kingdom, the power, and the glory now and forever.

Currie Carter