Glimpses of Faith

Glimpses of Faith (GOF) is a collection of stories by River Road Church, Baptist members. These stories focus on moments when God’s presence suddenly shines through the lace which surrounds our reality.

The Glimpses of Faith Committee is Page Highfill, Chair; Daniel Bagby; Janet Bagby; Gene Damon; Julia Nixon; and Bill Stanton.

An Invitation from Dan Bagby

Our life stories are both secular and sacred. One of the serendipities in our otherwise ordinary day occurs when a holy moment redefines what appeared at first to be a secular event. We know the power of an “epiphany,” when a divine manifestation breaks into the routine of a day. God often uses very humble tools to deliver sacred chapters in our stories, and sometimes those moments are only recognized as faith-full after they take place. (Moses, surprised by God in a lonely place; Jacob, stunned by a Presence while half asleep; Elijah hearing a Voice, while hiding in a cave; Jonah, almost drowning, confronted by a Truth; Cleopas breaking bread with a Man after witnessing His execution; Paul going blind, before he can see).

In every human journey the sacred still surprises. What sacred moment crossed your path, and joined your story? Your story will be a gift to us all—please take a moment, and share it with us.

Submitting Your Written Stories

The purpose of this committee’s work, taken in part from the motion approved by the church on January 25, 2012, is to invite and document stories from church members and staff of their own “Glimpses of Faith” through Christian life experiences. These stories are shared to help encourage, empower, unify, and nurture church members, families, staff, and prospective members.

Most glimpses of faith are never forgotten, but often filed deep in one’s memory, waiting to reveal themselves again and make someone’s day brighter and more meaningful. Start now by jotting down some of your thoughts.

All members and staff are invited to submit 300- to 500-word stories of life experiences and sacred surprises which nurtured or questioned their faith. Stories are preferred to be typed and in digital format in MS Word. Digital photos of some aspect of your story are encouraged. The photo(s) will be included with your story.

Submit your stories by e-mail attachments to

Stories may be edited by one of the committee’s two editors for clarity, brevity, and content. All suitable stories will be published on the River Road Church, Baptist website. Website visitors will be able to find these stories organized alphabetically by the authors’ names. Stories can be read online or printed.

If you have questions or would like more information you may email

Glimpses of Faith FAQ

1. Can I interview elderly friends and family for their Glimpses of Faith stories, then write it for them and submit it?


2. Do you have any hints to help me rattle my memory?

Try a few of the following:

  • Remember visiting a place for the first time and you sensed you had been there before?
  • How does God communicate with you?
  • Considering the three most valued aspects in your life, how many of them were not your idea? Tell us how one of those “not yours” developed.
  • If you are a parent, tell us about your feelings after seeing your first-born.
  • If you are a labyrinth walker, what happens to you during the walk?
  • Thinking back to a crisis in your life, do you see any influences now that you didn’t see before that helped get you through it? Tell us about it.

3. How do I come up with a photo for my Glimpses of Faith?

The photo could be of any one aspect of your story. For example, if your story is about a sunrise at the beach, include a photo of a sunrise. Or, if your story is about how God spoke to you during a very sad time in your life, ask a young child to draw a picture of your face being sad.

4. Who owns the stories I submit?

The authors retain authorship and ownership of their stories. By submitting your Glimpses of Faith stories, you give River Road Church, Baptist your approval to publish them on the website.

5. Can I submit more than one story?


6. Suppose the author of a story does not have a computer and also does not type?

Typed, digital format is preferred and will expedite the committee’s work, however, a handwritten story may be submitted by mailing or delivering it to the Church Office. Address the story as follows:

River Road Church, Baptist
ATTN: Glimpses of Faith Committee
8000 River Road
Richmond, VA 23229

Non-digital photos can also be submitted by mailing or delivering them to the Church Office, addressed as above.

Glimpses of Faith Submissions

Water – Spirit’s Internet?

Water-the Internet of Spirit PDF Every now and then, Something Great, (Masaru Emoto’s lab term for God) decides on who might reveal another astonishing discovery in Creation’s treasure chest. That’s what Emoto’s work and his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, lays...

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Gifts Devotional

In the tradition of Christmas, this is a season when we give gifts to our friends and loved ones. When we consider whose birthday we celebrate, it is appropriate to reflect on the first gift of Christmas. But truly what is the first gift of Christmas? A very popular...

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Silent Apostles

Preface Reading poetry, observing a painting or engaging in other fine arts or music, including prayer, are like eating an ice cream cone. If I try to figure out the ingredients, flavorings and the whys, I miss the experience of taste and momentary surrender with...

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Were You There? by Harold W. Friedell

Were You There? by Harold W. Friedell Recording by River Road Chancel Choir Robert Gallagher, Minister of Music Recorded on Thursday, March 29, 2018 Maundy Thursday Service of Remembrance & Tenebrae  

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“Do not be anxious about anything” Philippians 4:6 

In January 2016 I was sick. I was 42 years old. I had been to numerous doctors. They were fairly sure what was wrong, but surgery was needed to rule out lymphoma. For the first time in my life, things were out of my control. I was in pain physically and mentally, and...

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A Legacy Laced with Love

A Brazilian boy with prime Portuguese parlance Emerged into eloquent English With missionary models for motivation As perceptive parents propelled their progeny To a Baylor background boosted by brains, not bluff, And a wonderfully-wise wife With precious prodigies...

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CARITAS Glimpses

by Biblical authors and the men of CARITAS, typed by C. Page Highfill “Live creatively, friends. If someone falls into sin, forgivingly restore him, saving your critical comments for yourself. You might be needing forgiveness before the day’s out. Stoop down and reach...

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This is the Day that the Lord has Made

Rob and I talked for a long time about how we wanted to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, which was August 19. We finally decided to take a trip to Glacier National Park and several national parks in the Canadian Rockies with our favorite travel company. We had...

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Glimpses Springing from the Holland Lectures

Worship services, by their intention and design, escort us through faith-nourishing experiences and spiritual connection tools. There’s exquisite music, for example, plus stunning pageantry of processionals and recessionals, the beauty of sunlight filtering through...

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Little River

After a week of helping chaperone a dozen splendid youth from our church at UniDiversity, I was often posed the question “how was it?” As I only half facetiously told my fellow Life Class members the Sunday morning after our return, “it’s good to be in a room full of...

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Give Me Jesus – Arranged by Moses Hogan

Give Me Jesus - Arranged by Moses Hogan Recording by Taylor DaCosta, mezzo-soprano soloist - Ms. DaCosta is a Choral Scholar here at River Road. She is completing her senior year at VCU. Robert Gallagher, Minister of Music Recorded on Sunday, April 30, 2017

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There is a Balm in Gilead – William L. Dawson

There is a Balm in Gilead - William L. Dawson Recording by River Road Chancel Choir Victoria Jackson, soprano soloist - Ms. Jackson is a Choral Scholar here at River Road. She is completing her senior year at VCU, where she studies with Cynthia Donnell. Robert...

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Anne Porter, “Music" from Living Things. Copyright © 2006 by Anne Porter. Reprinted with permission from Steerforth Press. This submittal is offered in memory of Henry Holland, Co-founder of Glimpses of Faith When I was a child I once sat sobbing on the floor Beside...

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Ubi caritas by Duruflé

Ubi caritas by Duruflé Recording by River Road Chancel Choir Robert Gallagher, Minister of Music Recorded on Sunday, September 18, 2016

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Glimpses Across Liminal Thresholds

This is a prayer for our church as it experiences exciting interim times, exploring, nurturing, imagining, and sharing, through the Pastor Search Committee’s stimulating listening sessions, surveys, and focus on God’s will for our beloved church.  In that sense we are...

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Wonderful Words of Life from Mike

Prelude  As some of you know, Nancy Brown presented a tribute to Mike Clingenpeel at a dinner prepared by the Connectors to honor Dr. Clingenpeel.  It was held in the church courtyard on the evening of October 13, 2015. It was so well received by those present, that...

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If Ye Love Me

"If Ye Love Me" by Thomas Tallis Recording by River Road Camerata and members of the Chancel Choir Robert Gallagher, Minister of Music Recorded on Sunday, September 27, 2015   The River Road Camerata, comprised of young singers who are willing to learn...

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A Second and Silent Sermon

One Sunday, when my late wife, Kate, and I were taking my aging parents to their First Baptist Church, I was waiting in the busy hallway outside of the restrooms for my mother and Kate. After the worship service there were dozens of people rushing through the hallway...

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