October 10, 2012

Dear Parents:

Each October River Road Church places a special emphasis on stewardship. During this month I am asking parents to take the opportunity to educate your children about the importance of giving back to God. Teaching our children that everything we have first and foremost belongs to God creates a perspective of gratitude that will ultimately lead to spiritual generosity in many areas of their lives.

The Bible teaches us that we are to avoid putting away riches for ourselves here on earth. Instead, we are encouraged to store up riches in heaven. Most importantly, we are asked to put God’s Kingdom first in our lives. Instructing children to “share” some of what they have with their church provides the opportunity for conversations about God’s wishes for the world and how even children can participate in making that vision a reality. I am asking that you take some time to talk with your children about “sharing and caring” over the next few weeks in the context of how that impacts the church. Encourage them to pray with you about where God is leading you as a family.

Enclosed is a pledge card for your child. As you discuss this with your children please remind them that everything we have is a gift from God—that giving a part of our money is a way to say “thank you” to God and a way to support the work of River Road Church. Pray as a family and ask God to guide you as you make this decision.

I look forward to what God will do with the gifts we offer this year.

Ann Ashcraft
Interim Minister to Children