In worship this past Sunday, Mike told a story during his sermon in which someone said a prayer that asked for the day to soon arrive when all Christians would come to know Jesus.  I honestly can’t tell you much of what he said for the next several minutes as I mulled over that statement in my head.  It prompted questions: we say we are followers of Christ, but just how well do most of us Christians really know this one we say we follow?  How well do I know Jesus?

I certainly spend a lot of time talking about Jesus.  But I can talk all I want to about somebody but that doesn’t mean I really know them.  How much time do I spend talking with Jesus?  And those prayers asking for something or being thankful for something -likely food – only partially count.

I spend time reading stories about Jesus, learning about what he said and what he did.  Doing so helps me understand what is important to him, where his priorities are. But how much do I really know about what he wants my priorities to be?

How does a person get to know another?  You spend time with the other.  You talk with them.  You listen to them.  And perhaps on occasion, you retreat from your daily life and allow yourself the real luxury of no other responsibilities or concerns except being completely present to them.  God doesn’t need us to go on retreat to be totally present to us, but sometimes we need a retreat to force our hand, to help us turn our focus solely on our relationship with the Holy Other.

In just a couple of weeks, there is an opportunity for River Road Church members to go on retreat, to put other priorities on hold for 24-hours and to focus on getting to know Jesus better.  There will be some talking about Jesus and some talking with, some reading and some praying, some time spent in community and time spent by ourselves.  There will be structure enough for those who need it, yet space and choice for those among us who make their own paths.

I hope you will consider joining us, but more importantly, I hope that in a fast paced world you see the need and value of making space, of slowing down from time to time to get to know Jesus better, however you make it happen for you.

(You can find out more about the retreat by clicking here.)