Most children on the East End of Richmond had only heard of “camp” days, always somewhere else, and always for someone else. They, like any other child, needed a break from the neighborhood routine (and sometimes, from family “togetherness” stress). Fortunately, Baptist women in Richmond, and Virginia, saw a chance to provide—and came up with a plan for little ones and young ones who could not afford to go to camp otherwise….

They started a camp program just outside Richmond, and soon called it Alkulana. The year was 1914-5, and the camp soon moved to a lovely almost mountain road in western Virginia, where kids every summer get to spend at least a week enjoying the beauty of nature, and learning arts and crafts, boating, exercise, sports, how to work together, and believe in God.

Virginia’s WMU led the way to this unique and wonderful ministry, and Baptists throughout the state soon adopted the camp, building cabins (first lit at night by kerosene lamps), clearing the camp ground, repairing used equipment and furniture, and fixing up the place for inner city children and young people to spend a few days outside the house.

Again we are grateful for Baptist women of vision and compassion who discovered and invented a place and a way to bless children, to teach them God’s love, and to give them a breath of fresh air in the hills.

May is a month in Richmond when we celebrate that vision by contributing to the Camp Alkulana fund to sustain this camp ministry, and by taking a trip to the camp on a Saturday (May 30) to fix and repair before the children arrive.

God bless whatever way you choose to support this worthy plan of care!