A Ministry of Care by Dr. Daniel G. Bagby

Pastoral Care Guidance for Deacons, Stephen Ministers, and the Congregation of River Road Church, Baptist

Forgiving God: Issues and Questions

For what do people have trouble forgiving God?

  1. A significant loss or tragedy in life.
  2. A perceived breach in a covenant or agreement with God.
  3. A strong sense of the injustice or unfairness of an event.
  4. Perceived silence of God in the face of a crisis.
  5. Extended personal suffering (physical/emotional/spiritual).
  6. For having power to change a tragedy, and not doing so.

Assumptions that affect our forgiveness of God (modified from Lewis Smedes):

  1. We hurt.
  2. We hate (rage).
  3. We heal.
  4. We come together.

How do we forgive?

  1. Slowly.
  2. With mystery.
  3. Partially.
  4. With caring anger.
  5. Surrendering our need to control.
  6. Grieving and wishing it weren’t so.