IMG_0144It was just over a year ago that Liz Seward and a couple of other ladies mentioned the idea of offering a regular fellowship and resource time for women “50 and older” in our church. The plan, also open to non-church members, was to invite widows and other singles to a monthly gathering where they could share food, fellowship, and offer mutual encouragement and support to each other. As a church staff member, I was invited to share in the formation of the group, and felt honored to be included in the “movable feast” of friendship and a meal (the group gathers on a Friday each month at a chosen different restaurant each time).

Calling themselves “FLO” (For Ladies Only), this talented group of folks has expanded their plans to include a program or special event periodically (this month, on May 10, the ladies plan a bus tour of historical spots with Emily King as tour guide, followed by lunch at Mosaic). They also assemble on fourth Wednesdays at the church dinner, and share their meal in the adjoining Reception Room off Fellowship Hall.


If you would like to join this enriching fellowship, feel free to call or write Liz Seward (804-282-3657). There are no dues, and you may join the lunch (or dinner in the summer months) anytime the schedule fits your plans. I salute Liz on her administrative oversight of this gathering, and look forward to joining them anytime my schedule allows. Thanks for your ties of friendship, members of FLO!