Since the church moved to away from the mailed Spire to the emailed e-Spire and glossy Explorer format, we have not been able to deliver the monthly financial updates that were previously sent in the Spire. Our communications have changed again to a monthly in-house printed Explorer, so we will again be able to mail the financial statements out to church members. This change is expected to start this month.

Before that starts, let me give a brief overview of where the church stands almost halfway through 2012.

Our budget for 2012 was set at a little over $1.4 million. This is down from budgets in recent years. In years 2009, 2010 and 2011 the budget was $1.5 million, and in years 2007 and 2008 the budget was $1.7 million.

Through the end of June, our contributions are slightly higher than last year and we are ahead of budget in most revenue categories. Contributions tend to dip during the summer months, so we expect to fall behind budget during the summer and hope to catch back up in the fall.

On the expense side, we are on track in most categories. Our staffing costs are below budget due to the number of interim ministers on staff. We expect to come in under budget for the year in this area. In the Missions, Educational, Music and Organizational expense categories, we are tracking on budget, and expect to end the year within the allocated budget. Operating Expenses are trending below budget due to the mild winter and the low number of emergency repairs.

In summary, the financial statement looks promising so far in 2012. The key for the rest of the year is to maintain our positive momentum on contributions and continue to monitor spending.

by Mike Price, Church Administrator