River Road Church is a congregation of people who are passionate in striving to follow Jesus’ example to care for the least of these among us.

The fall kicked off with a busy season of giving to the Alma Hunt and disaster relief offerings; hosting, serving, and donating to CARITAS; packing meals with Rise Against Hunger; going on the Lloyd Jackson Memorial Bland County Mission Trip; collecting food offerings for the Baptist Centers; donating clothes for the women at the Fluvanna Corrections Center; teaching and fellowshipping with the new Circulo de Costura (sewing circle) at CrossOver Clinic; as well as so many of our other behind-the-scenes ministries. As the holiday season was upon us, RRCB continued in the momentum.

The Toolbox Ministry built and installed a ramp with the project:HOMES Renew Crew.

Thanksgiving Boxes, an annual tradition at RRCB, flourished again. Each Sunday School class and some of our small groups tasked themselves with filling a box with Thanksgiving food and grocery gift cards. These boxes provide a Thanksgiving meal for those in need in the neighborhood of the Oregon Hill Baptist Center.

Another annual missions’ tradition at RRCB is to collect toys, bikes, and clothes for the Church Hill Baptist Center. The Baptist Centers’ Christmas Stores are community outreach programs for families who need help at Christmas time. A small amount, $5.00, is charged for each child, entitling the parent(s) to select toys and several pieces of clothing. The money collected is used in a neighborhood fuel assistance fund for the winter months. The stores are a ministry to the whole person, in which relationships are central. Parents retain their dignity as they carefully select gifts which they have paid to obtain.

Thank you River Road Church for your generous gifts of resources and time which allow us to serve the world around us.

Written by Judy Morris

Originally published in the 2018 Spring Quarterly Explorer

Join us this Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 9AM to help package meals for Rise Against Hunger.