Meteorological fall has arrived! Mentally, we are already preparing ourselves for the “Mad Dash” to Christmas – only 118 days. We cheer for “our” team and freely offer our opinions as to how to make them better. Homework, after school activities, homework, socializing, homework and church activities fill our days. Teachers and coaches seem to control our time and at times, our very being! What to do? Fill your calendar with church activities. NO pressure, great fellowship and a chance to be yourself for a little while. Come to Sunday school, the new year begins on September 2nd, sing in the choir, take part in youth activities and become a member of the group.

Our first group building activity will occur on the weekend of October 19-21 when we go to Westview on the James. We will take part in the group building course at the camp. We will depart on Friday afternoon at 5:00 PM and will return on Sunday afternoon at 3:00 PM. A $50.00 deposit will guarantee your space.

Our fall schedule begins on September 9th at 6:00 PM in the Youth Lounge. Bring a parent, listen to the information and plan on becoming a member of the youth group.

by Chester Phelps