Begins Sunday, February 2, 2014
9:30 a.m., LC #104


This new adult Bible study led by Sheryl Johnson will utilize the “FaithLink” series from the United Methodist Church.  This series looks to connect Christian faith with issues in contemporary life. As events unfold around the globe, “FaithLink” responds with a biblical perspective.

Sessions will begin at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday and discussion will end no later than 10:25 to enable all those with responsibilities during Worship on any given Sunday to participate fully.

Topic for February 2, 2014: End-of-Life Medical Treatment

The tragic case of Jahi McMath has renewed public attention to complicated questions about the end of life. What defines death? What measures should medical science take to sustain life? How does Christian faith guide us as we face these issues?

All are welcome, whether they have early worship roles or not. Whether you avail yourself of a single session on a topic that interests you, or engage in an ongoing basis, linking your faith with your approach to contemporary issues should prove rewarding.

Read Scott Leake’s blog for more information about the new class.