Topic for February 16, 2014FaithLink

Nearly one in two Americans has a chronic health condition. The vast majority of these conditions have no visible signs of illness or use of assistive devices. How can people of faith support those who deal with ongoing pain or disease?

FaithLink is a Sunday School class that meets at 9:30 a.m. in LC #104. Sheryl Johnson is leading the class. Topics for each session will be announced the Tuesday prior.

Whether you avail yourself of a single session on a topic that interests you, or engage in an ongoing basis, linking your faith with your approach to contemporary issues should prove rewarding.

Topic for 23: Fast Food

Increasing concern over fat and calories in fast foods has led to healthier options in many fast- food restaurants. How can we make choices that contribute to our good health? How can our faith help us as we make healthier decisions about what we eat?