Chapel Ceiling Painting

The House & Grounds Committee and the Building & Property Council have been busy this year with maintenance and improvements to our facilities. In addition to the normal maintenance, there have been several special projects under way.

Funding for these projects has mainly come from generous grants from the RRCB Endowment fund, although some of the money has come from congregational giving. Key projects for this year include:

  • Replacement of fan coil units. The fan coils are the radiator-like fixtures in rooms in the Sanctuary building. These units blow hot or cold air, and were originally installed during construction in 1969. New units improve efficiency and remove the possibility of failure and water damage. We have been replacing about five units per year.
  • Upgrade of chapel bathroom to make it handicap accessible. As a result of the move of the Archives room, the bathroom that was in the old Archives room was inaccessible. This project allowed for easier access and better access by the handicapped.
  • Upgrade of video surveillance system and key fob locking system. An extension of the automatic door lock system and surveillance system used by the church and preschool. This improves security of the building, while allowing easier access.
  • Painting of the chapel ceiling
  • Installation of a safety grate over a window well at the chapel

These committees still have a long list of improvements to make to the facility. If you have some ideas, please talk to the chairman of the House & Grounds committee (Russ Collins) or the chairman of the Building & Property Council (John Heisler).

by Mike Price