2021 Advent Devotions

Luke 1:5-17 | December 4, 2021

Expecting a Miracle
by Dean Miller

Have you ever experienced something absolutely amazing in the midst of your everyday routine? Something happens and it just overwhelms you beyond words? There are times when we “expect” something big to happen and we are thrilled when it does. But when it happens so unexpectedly, we typically find ourselves at a loss for words and much less knowledge of how to respond. We can be so overwhelmed by the surprise that we don’t really believe it when it happens.

Such is the case for Zechariah on this particular day. He was performing his official duties as the chosen priest and not expecting anything out of the ordinary. Not that he didn’t believe something could happen or hope that it might. But it was simply a normal process that he was following. We do this every single day.

Isn’t it fantastic when we are reminded of the wonder of life? When that “something” happens, and we just can’t believe it to be true. Oh, if every day were filled with such events. But wouldn’t it be much better if we didn’t need those reminders? What if, in our daily living, we expected these amazing things? Or what if we found the everyday, mundane routine to be amazing?

How might our outlook for each day change if we approached the day expecting the amazing rather than having it catch us by surprise? It doesn’t need to be earth-shattering news every day. But the small miracles of life, relationships, conversations, and yes, even staff meetings or regular doctor visits.

How would today have been different for you? What about tomorrow? Might I challenge you to keep a small list of the everyday, amazing experiences you encounter for just one week? And then evaluate if maybe, just maybe, a new outlook on life is possible.

Prayer: You encounter us every single day O God. Open our eyes to your wonder and amazement. We are grateful that you celebrate with us when those surprises come our way. Help us to expect the amazing things that happen to us each day. Guide us to not only live our lives expecting the miracles but also being that miracle for those around us.