One of the challenges of personal development as a believer is the journey we take into spiritual maturity and transformative servanthood.  The call of discipleship is a call to “bury” narcissistic habits and embrace the biblical model of an “other focused” way of living—expressed by Jesus Christ. Such a transformational journey does require a lifetime exercise of changing our way of how we see ourselves and how we value others, and shaping our life into the “abundant” living Christ invited us to pursue.

There are several ways to stimulate that kind of transformation, and combining what we learn (Bible Study) with what we do (servant practice) offers us an opportunity to “practice what we preach.” Here are some resources that add dimension to the daily exercise of changing ourselves into the image of God within us—with the help of the Spirit of God:

I Like Giving: The Transformative Power of a Generous Life by Brad Forsma: When giving becomes a lifestyle, an individual not only loves life more, but creates a more generous world- a better world.

The Power of a Half Hour: Take Back Your Life Thirty Minutes at a Time by Tommy Barnett: Take a fresh look at the small increments of time in daily life, and set worthwhile personal goals.

Crash the Chatterbox: Hearing God’s Voice Above All Others by Steven Furtick:  Challenging four of the most debilitating negative internal “messages” we repeat: Discouragement, fear, insecurity, and condemnation.

Clear Winter Nights: A Journey Into Truth, Doubt, and What Comes After by Trevin Wax:  Exploring a crisis of faith, what being a Christian has meant—and still means today.

Ten Days Without: Daring Adventures in Discomfort by Daniel Ryan Day: The choice to abandon a certain “necessity”—a coat, shoes, car, voice, for a few days–to “break through walls of convenience and indifference”—and share any funds saved with a worthy cause.

I’m working on some of these disciplines myself.  Are you trying any I should learn from?