Originally published in the 2017 Summer Quarterly Explorer

Before the construction of our chapel, the founding members of River Road Church built a fireplace on the property. Around that fireplace, they shared fellowship and their dreams for a new church. It seemed only fitting to host a picnic with our newest members and guests around that same fireplace, which is now located in the courtyard.

The May 7th event was hosted by the Member Engagement Committee and members of the ministerial staff. Guests of all ages enjoyed a delicious dinner followed by s’mores made over the fire. “It’s so important for new members and guests to feel welcome and to have opportunities to meet others in a small group setting. The Member Engagement Committee and Pastor Glaze are committed to doing whatever it takes to welcome others into our church family,” said Mark Cipolletti, Member Engagement Committee Chair.

Several guests at the picnic had also attended our new and prospective member orientation sessions during the month of March. Held over three consecutive Sundays, these sessions provided opportunities for attendees to learn about the church’s philosophies, affiliations, and programs. If you missed the orientation or the picnic, additional sessions are in the works.

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