Mondays @ Second Baptist

Twice a month RRCB is responsible for providing snacks at the ESL classes on Mondays. Below you can find the requirements for each week.

  • Finger foods (even pre-packaged) for approximately 50-75 people.
  • Fruits, meat and cheese trays w/crackers, chips/salsa, dip, bagels, trail mix, nuts, vegetable trays, muffins, desserts are appreciated. Anything healthy and nutritious. Fruit is the favorite snack.
  • Pork products are not a good idea.
  • Only two people are needed to assist in putting the snacks out on the table and then, cleaning up afterward. You are needed approximately 7:30 to 8:30 PM.
  • Snacks are set up and served on the second floor of the Education Building at Second Baptist.
  • If leftovers cannot be frozen or used the next week please package them in provided bags for students to take home.

We have filled all of the dates for this semester! There will be another opportunity in the fall.