A group of 19 River Road children and adults went to PASSPORTkids! at Eagle Eyrie in Lynchburg. It was a blast. We learned together, played together, worshiped together, and walked a lot of hills together. The theme of the week was Enough, and we looked at different uses of the word throughout the week: “God is Enough,” “I am Enough,” “There is Enough,” and “Enough Already!”

When we arrived at camp, we went to opening celebration and we learned the theme of the week. Kids and some adults went to bible studies to talk more about what it means that God is Enough for you. We ended the day with a Messy Games Party.

The second day we talked about how I am Enough, and that God made all of us just the way we are. As a group, we decided that each person would get a chance to hear how marvelous they were. “I think you’re marvelous because…” There were varied answers.

  • “I think you’re marvelous because you’re a kind and loyal friend.”
  • “I think you’re marvelous because you play the piano really well.”
  • “I think you’re marvelous because you were brave enough to come to camp for the first time by yourself.”
  • “I think you’re marvelous because you did so well on your solo in the musical.”
  • “I think you’re marvelous because you’re the first friend I made at church.”
  • “I think you’re marvelous because you’re unique.”
  • “I think you’re marvelous because you don’t let your older siblings dictate who you are.”
  • “I think you’re marvelous because you’re not afraid to take on challenges.”
  • “I think you’re marvelous because you’re a leader.”

Elisabeth Dixon and Ashley Glaze participated in worship this night.

The next day we talked about how There is Enough. There are enough resources around the world for everyone to have enough. What if you have more than enough? How can you share? This was the day we talked about the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s (CBF) work among the Roma people in Eastern Europe. They don’t have one country of origin, but many. Because of their different culture, they are not always treated well. Our kids went to Missions to learn more about the Roma people and specifically the educational challenges that Roma children face. We went to a Night Market that had different countries where the Roma people live: food we would find there, musical instruments we would hear there, and made crafts specific to those countries. We were met by border patrol at each country, and got to feel what it’s like to wait to enter a new place. Our missions offering went to help support missions work among the Roma. Our group raised $206 for the Missions Offering, and Kenton Sumner and Ellie Dixon walked our offering forward during worship. Our whole camp raised $2,522.58. The offering will go to support the work that CBF missionaries Jon and Tanya Parks are doing in eastern Europe among the Roma people.

The last day we talked about Enough Already! What do we say Enough Already to? I asked our kids this question during Morning Devotion. They said, “Bullying, terrorism, violence, people treated differently because of the color of their skin.” We learned it is important to speak up on behalf of the voiceless and the vulnerable.

I want to thank River Road for making this trip possible for our 15 kids. I also want to thank our marvelous chaperones Jordan Nurney, Daniel Ingram, and Buddy Sumner. Thank you for sharing your time, energy, and all of yourselves to make for such a blessing-filled week.

“God says, ‘My grace is enough for you, because power is made perfect in weakness.’” 2 Corinthians 12:9 (CEB)

Written by Kim Crowley